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4 1/2" Brass Plasted Piano Caster Cups

brass piano caster cup


Suggested Price: $34.99
Our Sale Price: $17.99

4 1/2" Brass Plated Lucite Piano Caster Cups:

These luxurious piano caster cups are brass plated lucite, and will enhance the elegance of your piano and room decor (Lucite is a strong acrylic product, that is practically unbreakable). They measure: 4-1/2" Outside Diameter, 2-3/4" Inside Diameter. Note that the caster cups are not made out of actual brass, and that it is a lucite plating

Price is per caster cup.

Our caster cup review:

While wood and plastic piano caster cups have been around for decades, lucite is a relatively new material, only entering the caster cup mark a little over a year ago. In terms of quality and durability, lucite far surpasses that of plastic, and provides a nice alternative to the traditional hardwood piano caster cups. Due to the strength of the material, the manufacturer is able to make the bottom of the caster cup flat and thin, compared to the thicker wood caster cup. This offers a different look, which many customers prefer, and the flatter, thinner design really highlights and accents the casters (wheels) or your piano.

With regards to these specific caster cups, we were highly impressed with the brass lucite finish. The caster cups have a brass-like appearance, and are available at a very modest price. If your piano has brass accents, we believe that these would look great with your piano.


Shipping on caster cups is a flat rate of $6.95, Priority Air Mail, anywhere in the continetal United States (Alaska and Hawaii, please email for a shipping quote). On the shopping cart checkout menu, please select the "caster cup" shipping option.

piano caster cup brass finish

four brass piano caster cups