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Cory Cat and Mouse Urine Odor Eliminator - Smell Remover 8oz

cory cat and mouse urine eliminator


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Cory Cat & Mouse Urine Defeater is the solution to animal urine problems. Animal waste odors are one of the most difficult to eliminate, and cannot be removed with regular household cleaning products. Cat and Mouse Urine Defeater is a professional strength formulation and solves the problem of contaminated urine areas. Use on wood, cloth, felt, carpet, upholstery and litter boxes.

Cat and Mouse Urine Defeater cancels the odor of pet urine and feces by eliminating the production of odor-causing molecules by inhibiting bacterial enzymes. Simply clean the soiled area, removing visible excrement and then spray the entire surface area with Cat & Mouse Urine Defeater. Be certain to allow Cat & Mouse to reach the source of the problem area. If the infected area is on a cushion for example, make sure you allow the product to soak into the cushion, as far as needed to reach all of the entire area (it will only eliminate the odor of what it touches). Non-toxic, non-allergenic and pet friendly!