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4 1/2" Clear Piano Caster Cups

clear piano caster cup


Suggested Price: $33.99
Our Sale Price: $16.95

4 1/2" Clear Lucite Piano Caster Cups:

These JANSEN clear lucite caster cups are perfect for hardwood floors or elegant carpeting, where the clear lucite enhances the quality floor surface. These piano clear caster cups do not have a felt pad, and are designed to be "see-through" in appearance. In my opinion, the clear flat are beautiful, almost like glass!

Jansen's Lucite vs. Imported Chinese Lucite Caster Cups

Note that these lucite caster cups are made by JANSEN in the United States. You will find other, less expensive clear lucite caster cups circulating the internet, that are actually imports made in China. The appearance and quality difference between the two products is night and day. Jansen's lucite is nearly unbreakable--it will not crack underneath the pressure of your large grand piano. The Chinese imports however, have been known to crack or break.

Secondly, the Jansen clear lucite is much more attractive. As you can see from the pictures below, the Jansen cups are clear--almost glass like. The Chinese imports have a yellow tint/milky color to them. If you are placing the caster cups on a hardwood floor, or on a beautiful carpet, you will definitely want the clearest caster cup.


Shipping on caster cups is a flat rate of $6.95, Priority Air Mail, anywhere in the continetal United States. On the shopping cart checkout menu, please select the "caster cup" shipping option.

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clear piano caster cup clear lucite piano caster cup jansen lucite clear piano caster cup