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Protek Proshine Piano Polish 4oz

protek proshine piano polish


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Proteck Proshine Piano Polish is a 100% green, polymer-based polish that cleans, protects, and produces a high shine on furniture surfaces.

It is water repellent, UV filtering and protects surfaces from minor scratches. Proshine has a high solids content, which fills in minor surface scratches (something unique to this polish compared to others on the market), helping to restore the original surface. It is long lasting and can be used on pianos and all fine furniture. Available in 4fl oz bottle.

Suggested application: Hold sprayer close to a clean, soft cloth or furniture surface, apply a small amount of Proshine, and buff. Lightly re-buff after polish is dry to remove any remaining residue.

If you piano is exposed to the sun, we recommend the application of protek piano polish. The sun's rays damage the finish of your piano over time. Protek's UV filtering will help protect your piano from fading.


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protek piano polish