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Cory Tobacco Odor Eliminator - Remove Smoke Smells 8oz

cory tobacco odor eliminator


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Cory Fire-Clean Tobacco Odor Eliminator is specially formulated for stubborn tobacco odor removal in one easy step! This product is a professional strength counteractant and encapsulant. Fire-Clean Tobacco Odor Removal is an environmentally safe, non-toxic formulation.

Use on finished or bare wood, counter tops, vinyl, fabric, ashtrays. An excellent choice for your auto's upholstery, headliner, car mats, and dashboard! Fire-Clean Tobacco Odor Eliminator is the perfect solution to that musty old cigar and cigarette odor. Always test color fastness before application to larger areas.

Directions: Dry clean area for treatment, removing visible residue then simply spray directly on affected areas, allowing to penetrate. If smell persists, treat again for deeper cleaning and encapsulation. It is important for Tobacco Odor Eliminator to reach the source of the offending odor.